Duvall tech startup launches their first product – a travel app

  • Written by Valley View Staff

Spotted Places, Inc. was founded by Bryant Hawthorne and Dan Taylor, both Duvall residents.

Bryant and Dan met as neighbors and quickly bonded over their love of technology and travel. After sharing many travel recommendations, hiking spots, and local restaurants with each other verbally, they thought there should be a better way to share these recommendations. This idea eventually evolved into Spotted Places. Spotted Places offers a unique visual and social way for users to find the best experiences recommended by people they trust and make the most out of their time and money when traveling.

They launched their app on the iOS App Store on February 12th.

“We all want to have the best travel experiences, but we don’t always have time to do extensiveresearch and so we miss out on incredible opportunities,” say the business partners. “We get the best recommendationswhen we ask our friends, but it can be hard to track them down and have them curate a list for us. On the other hand, when we do find great experiences we don’t share many of them withour friends for fear of bombarding their social news feeds or coming across like we’re bragging.”

Spotted Places solves this problem by making it fun for users to share their favorite spots and see spotsrecommended by the network around the world.

Spotted Places allows people to visually explore the world from their phone. By choosing who to follow, users can customize their map and trust the recommendations they receive, resulting in a human and social traveling experience.

Users can see where their friends have been and stay up to date with their latest adventures, unlocking those hidden gems people are looking for. Users can leave their mark on the world by sharing spots they love, which creates a list of travel adventures that their followers can see. This makes Spotted Places an amazing travel companion app.

Travel doesn’t have to be once a year; Spotted Places can help with travel locally as well as globally! Users can easily discover hidden treasures nearby for their next weekend trip or evening out. By following friends’ adventures, users can build a list of places to go and things to do.

Spotted Places makes the world small; with a swipe of the map users can easily explore the other side of the globe.

Some of Spotted Places highlights include:

The map hub – The easy to use map lets users visually explore the world and find things to do anywhere, anytime. With its dynamic design, zooming in and out will make the best content appear right at their fingertips.

Follow people you trust – Following a user featuring their spots more prominently on the map allows the user to see the places their network thinks are truly great and offers a personalized experience. The spots posted by the people you follow also show up on the newsfeed, helping you to stay up to date and discover places as your friends find them.

Staying Positive – Spotted Places only shows the best experiences recommended by other users. If you don’t like a place, you don’t post it. This cuts down on unnecessary data and results in a map filled with only places worth exploring.

Amazing content - Spotted Places has been partnering with hundreds of travel bloggers, foodies, and local experts to provide amazing places for you to discover. Don’t forget to add your own, too!

Hoot a spot – If you think a spot is a “hoot” you can save it for later. This could either be a new spot you saw on the map, or a place you already love. This then shows up on your “hoots list”which are sorted by your current location, so you always know which spots to check out no matter where you are.

Take action – Once you find a spot that you want to experience, Spotted Places allows you to call an Uber, get driving directions, or even book a hotel by tapping on an icon. Spend less time planning, and more time enjoying your trip.

With Spotted Places now available on the iOS App Store, everyone can start discovering new experiences from people they trust and exploring the world around them, both locally and globally! 

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