Preparing the veggies

  • Written by Valley View Staff

veggiesDan Cautrell works on one of many vegetable prints he and his helpers made at a workshop recently at the Northwest Art Center. (Photo by Lisa Allen)In preparation for the March of the Vegetables Parade set for March 25 in Duvall, local artist Dan Cautrell last week helped numerous volunteers make vegetable prints for the event. The classes are held (more to come) to help anyone interested make something veggie-oriented to wear or carry in the parade. The small veggie prints will be placed on a larger banner.
Cautrell was also featured on KING 5 television’s morning show on KONG last Thursday where he talked about his work, including his “Offerings to the Wind” project, and the growing arts community in Duvall.

The TV channel also paid a couple of visits to town, including covering a discussion group with town officials. During the second broadcast, reporter Michelle Li made sure to mention Duvall’s oldest resident, Velma Hix Hill, who is 102 now and still lives in the house she was born in. She was Duvall’s postmaster for 30 years.

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