A bench-mark in time …

  • Written by by Boone with Frank Sebenius

There is a time in every living being’s life that they must deal with reality. Sometimes there is time to say things that need to be said. And sometimes there isn’t. Sometimes events occur that are so far out of your world, you don’t really know how to process them. This was the case with my People Brother Evan, almost two and a half years ago.

vvBoonePress02Boone the pup reporterOn September 21, 2014, Evan was running his first “Beat the Blerch” half-marathon in Carnation. It is a race that has been sponsored by “The Oatmeal” website run by Matthew Inman. A most generous fellow. Evan was doing great until the last half mile. He collapsed along the Tolt-MacDonald trail just in sight of the finish line. It seems Evan had decided to go meet his old golden retriever friends at the Happy Hunting Grounds, just over the Rainbow bridge.

There were so many people who were affected by Evan’s journey to the new Dog Park. My People Parents, who are, of course his parents, started a non-profit group, Heart Guild, to support Evan’s favorite things such as math, science, the arts and nature. Many events were held in our Valley and a ton of money was raised to help other non-profit groups in our community associated with these interests. Now, after a lot of thought and feeling, Heart Guild made a big decision.

If you are out wandering along the Tolt-MacDonald trail you will now find a wonderful place to stop and rest. A new bench has been installed along the trail, just in sight of where the finish line was for the race. This is very near where Evan fell. The good folks at King County helped make it possible to have the bench installed so we could dedicate it on his 31st birthday. On February 20th, friends and family met in the rain to share a glass of sparkling cider and enjoy the beautiful flowers his mother planted around the area. It was a day he really would have appreciated.

evanFrank and Linda Sebenius at the Feb. 20 dedication of Evan’s memorial bench on the Tolt MacDonald trail. (Photo by Lisa Allen)After we had all shared stories and I got my treat, we adjourned to the NoBoat Brewery in Snoqualmie where dogs are allowed. These folks are obviously from an advanced race of humans. Dogs should always be allowed … everywhere!! But I digress. All the staff put together a fine reception including some of the best beer in the Valley, tacos and dog treats. They showed Evan’s favorite movie, Serenity, up on their big screen projection wall. And when “Wash,” a favorite character, said his most important line “I am a leaf on the wind, watch how I soar”… the room fell silent. It truly describes Evan’s attitude toward life.

So, if you are walking your puppy, or (shudder) cat, along the Tolt-MacDonald trail, stop at Evan’s bench and rest your feet. It would be a great time for a dog treat by the way, uh, for the dog. Maybe think about how much those in your life mean to you. Take the time to give a hug. Say I love you … even a pat on their head. And visit the NoBoat Brewery … dogs are allowed…!!!

Evan plaque

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