Spring has sprung!

  • Written by Boone with help from Frank Sebenius

As a canine celebrity, I find that the whirlwind life that is mine, can sometimes be confusing. And living in the Northwest doesn’t help. It used to be that we had seasons. Summer was hot. fall was cool and breezy. winter cold and icy. And spring … ah, spring … cool but sunny days … bunnies … ham … blooming flowers … ham …puppies being born … Easter eggs … ham … warm biscuits … ham …
Now, it seems something has changed and that the seasons have become all mixed up. They have settled upon one long drawn out bath. … Let me see, how shall I put this? Say you are a dog, maybe a dachshund, for instance. Your life is lived with your tummy practically touching the ground everywhere you go. So when we walk anywhere, especially over tall grass, our undercarriage is subjected to the elements in a particular way. Like a reverse shower. And when it rains constantly, well, you can understand the concept.

booneBooneSpring is supposed to be all those things described above, especially the ham. But here in the Northwest, we have set records with our rainfall this year. Of course, we have our little rain slickers, what self-respecting dachshund doesn’t, but that does nothing for the underside. Now here’s a niche market for all of you canine fashion designers. … But I digress

The point is, spring is here. And with it, wonderful things. Even though our little valley floods and most of the main roads are torn up with construction this year, we see new and beautiful things out the window as we drive along. A group of bright yellow daffodils along the road. A pair of soaring eagles above looking for a nesting place. A flock of white swans flying north, honking their welcome to the beautiful semi-cloudy sky. Yes, ham is here, I mean spring.

Recently, Duvall hosted the “March of the Vegetables.”

A sure sign of spring when grown men, women and children finally lose their minds and dress up like vegetables, parade through town with banners, handing out seeds and beet roots. I don’t know what a beet root is but they seemed very popular. There were puppet shows and musicians with ferns in their hats. A good time was had by all and it barely rained!!

Another sure sign that spring has arrived is the plethora of baby chicks and bunnies around town.

There also seems to be a celebration of sorts involving eggs. Now, being a dog, I don’t really follow social trends in humans, but there is a deeper meaning to this movement that involves practically all the churches. It’s called Eggster or something like that. I assume that is why there are so many eggs around. The bunnies … I just don’t get. Maybe someday, my People Dad will sit down and tell me what is really going on. We’ll probably do that when no one is looking. In the meantime, have a great Eggster and please remember, dachshunds like ham … did I mention that? Happy Eggster.

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