The search for the perfect sunny spot…

  • Written by Boone with help from Frank Sebenius

One must consider the physical make-up of a dachshund when trying to understand the compulsive nature of the “Sunny Spot Pursuit.” A dachshund is a miniature portable space heater when under the covers on a cold night. We absorb heat all day long in anticipation of releasing it while pressed up against our people at night … whether they want us to or not. It’s just that way.

Piper crazyBoone’s Auntie Piper found her place in the sun. (Photo by Frank Sebenius)Now, knowing this, you need to understand that we only absorb heat through correct positioning in a quality sunny spot. There are a few things that need to be considered … surface on which to lie in various positions, the rate at which the sunny spot will move and where to, and most importantly … will we be allowed to lie there for as long as we want?

Positioning is critical. Depending on our coloring, my Auntie Piper’s obviously is in the darker shades, exposing the softer areas is very important. They absorb heat at a faster rate and it has been found, through much research, that when a person rubs the belly, for example, thermal storage is much more efficient. Slowly rotating the entire body will evenly distribute the heat but it is maximized, again, by thorough massaging of the entire body until we let you know that it is enough. Really, we’ll let you know.

We now move onto location. If one does not pick a proper sunny spot with foresight, it can be utterly devastating. You must anticipate the sun’s movement and position yourself relative to the final rays. If not, well, you can see what happens … shade. This completely ruins the “Sunny Spot Efficiency Quotient” or the SSEQ, as it is known in the long-doggy world. Finding the best location takes a lot of practice and support of the people involved in your life. You must always be practicing.

After years of searching, I have found the best spot on the compound. During the summer months, sunny spots abound. In the fall and winter, not so much. I did find a spot in the backyard that pays dividends. It can be sunny here for hours on end and I can usually persuade my people to let me hang here for hours, just based on my cuteness factor. All dachshunds have this, it just varies…

There are times, though, that a sunny spot might just not be found. You must resort to the fall back (cuteness factor 8), and snuggle under the covers. It works and sometimes you can actually replenish your reserves by absorbing the body heat of your people …much to their dismay. 

So as we ease … slowly …into our summer months, consider finding that special sunny spot, lay down, close your eyes and just enjoy. If you are in the Seattle area …bring an umbrella…    

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