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For the past ten years, our family has been attending the Duvall Pancake Breakfast at the Fire Station.

I still remember the first year we decided to go. There was a huge line all the way up the street past the fire station. We almost decided not to go because we thought we were going to be in line for hours.

Fortunately, the firemen of Duvall are not only efficient at fighting fires; they are also very efficient with grilling pancakes! It only took us a half hour to make it to the pancakes. We were treated to coffee while we stood in line. Not only were there pancakes, there were M&M mouse pancakes for the kids, ham, eggs, applesauce, OJ and hot cocoa. It was well worth the wait. We haven’t missed a year since that first year.

For us, and many of our friends, the pancake breakfast is like a big family reunion. As we looked around, our kids kept yelling, there’s the Rezoskis, the Sweneys, the Wilsons, and there’s the Wolfs! Oh, and there’s the Zuber, Beck and the Vandenbos families. And…there is MRS. HARRIS! (The principal of our school).

Some of these friends we see all the time, others we see once or twice a year. Regardless, it’s fun to see them at the breakfast, all in one place.

Not only is the pancake breakfast a time to see old friends, but it’s also a time to make new ones. Several years ago, we sat down next to a couple and started chatting with them. We found out they had just moved to the area and it was their first pancake breakfast. During our conversation, we learned they were Conrad and Nancy Robertson. Conrad had just been hired as the new superintendent for the Riverview School District, the district that our kids were in. Needless to say, we found lots to talk about.

This year was especially memorable for us. We were on a tight schedule and when we got to the cashier to pay for our breakfast, we realized we only had our debit cards with us. We had forgotten that the breakfast is cash or check only. We didn’t have time to wait through the entire line again so we were going to have to leave.

But, we live in Duvall, a place where Random Acts of Kindness happen on a regular basis! A wonderful, generous lady named Sigrid overheard our dilemma and offered to pay for our breakfast.

It was so awesome for our kids to witness a Random Act of Kindness! THANK YOU SIGRID! We learned after talking to Sigrid and her daughters, Laura and Kaitlin, that she has been attending the pancake breakfast since 1974. Her mom used to help make pancakes for the breakfast. We are so grateful that she was in line behind us!

If you haven’t attended the pancake breakfast, you are really missing out on a great event. If you need a few more reasons why you should attend next year, I will give you 10!

Top Ten Reasons To Attend The Duvall Firefighters Pancake Breakfast

10. The breakfast is a local event and it’s affordable!

9. You can meet firefighters, climb on fire trucks and spray a fire hose.

8. There is amazing food with refills delivered to your table.

7. You can see lots of your friends and family!

6. You will see lots of adorable children in fire hats.

5. You can win awesome local stuff donated by Duvall businesses.

4. You can buy new, inexpensive bike helmets for your entire family.

3. You can meet amazing people like Sigrid and the Robertsons!

2. You can see Pete, a fireman who has been flipping pancakes at the breakfast for 16 years. He is easy to spot. He wears a special "hat" that makes him look like he has a cooking utensil sticking out the side of his head! Always a favorite with the kids!

1. And the top ten number one reason to attend is…YOU CAN SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR OUR AMAZING FIREFIGHTERS!


Last but not least, I would like to give special thanks to Julie Gunn who organized the breakfast this year. You did an amazing job Julie!


Connie Berg

(Paul, Randy and Colby)


Duvall Library groundbreaking

  • Written by Valley View Staff

To celebrate the start of construction for the new 8,000 square-foot Duvall Library, a groundbreaking event will be held Thursday, July 14, 2 p.m. at the site of the new library, located at 15508 Main Street NE.

Please join community leaders, library staff, architects, builders and the public in celebrating this milestone for the community. Construction of the new library is part of the $172 million capital bond, approved by voters to fund major upkeep and expansion of KCLS libraries.

The new library will include a community meeting room, children’s and teen areas and more space for studying and reading. The current library will remain open until construction of the new library is completed.


Masterson – McCoy

  • Written by Valley View Staff

Erin Masterson and Skip McCoy will be married on July 16th, 2011, at the Community Center in Renton, Wash.

Erin Masterson is the daughter of Brandon and Jo Masterson and grew up in Duvall, Wash. with her parents and sister Brin. She graduated from Cedarcrest High School in 2005, then attended Central Washington University, where she met Skip in her first quarter of classes. Erin graduated with a degree in art, and is now working in Bellevue, Wash. as an assistant buyer.

Skip McCoy is the son of Kelly and Brenda McCoy. Skip spent his formative years growing up in Hoquiam, Wash. with his parents, twin brother Scott and younger siblings Karisa and Casey. Skip graduated from Hoquiam High School in 2002, and later attended Central Washington University, where he would meet Erin, and eventually graduate with a degree in biology. Skip currently works in tech support in Redmond, Wash.

Erin and Skip met in American Sign Language class at Central Washington University in the fall of 2005. Skip asked Erin to be his sign-language practice partner, and the sparks flew. After getting to know each other for a few weeks, Skip and Erin had their first date, watching the classic romance "The Karate Kid."

Ernest Child graduates from Coast Guard Aviation Survival Technician course

  • Written by Valley View Staff

Coast Guard Petty Officer 3rd Class Ernest J. Child, a 2008 graduate of Cedarcrest High School, Duvall, Wash., recently graduated from the Aviation Survival Technician Class "A" course and was promoted to his current rank at Coast Guard Aviation Technical Training Center, Elizabeth City, N. C.

During the course, Child received hands-on experience in the preparation, inspection, operation, repair and maintenance of aviation survival and rescue equipment. Child also was instructed in a very rigorous physical training and water rescue program.

This program prepared Child to become an integral part of a helicopter rescue team as a rescue swimmer. As a rescue swimmer Child must be fully able to function in a variety of hostile environments while completing water rescue operations.

Child joined the Coast Guard in August 2009.


Scouts perform service project at Dougherty Farmstead

  • Written by Valley View Staff

When the local Cub Scouts contacted the City of Duvall this spring for some community service projects, they were sent to the Dougherty Farmstead on Cherry Valley Road for multiple tasks.

The boys (along with a few girls) pitched in to spread bark mulch for the Pea Patch, cleaned and scrubbed the cemetery fence and ADA ramp to the farmhouse, plus dusted and swept out the interior of the milk shed and the bunkhouse.

Mayor Will Ibershof was in town and stopped by to visit the service project where he found the group hard at work. The kids took the opportunity to visit with Will and take a picture.

The Historic Dougherty Farmstead can be toured on Sundays from 1-4.