Riverview increases enrollment

  • Written by Leanne Christensen, RSD
The Riverview School District enrollment figures reached an all-time high this year, with a total student count of 3,192, up from 3,091 students just last year.

The district is pleased with the sound increase of enrollment which has steadily continued in recent years.

Riverview Superintendent Conrad Robertson shared: "Over the past five years we have experienced a manageable 1-3 percent annual growth in our student population. While most Washington school districts have reduced staff, thereby increasing class size, we have been fortunate to have actually hired additional staff to maintain our class size."

The current enrollment breakdown for Riverview’s five schools and three alternative programs is as follows:

• Carnation Elementary — 407

• Stillwater Elementary — 472

• Cherry Valley Elementary — 528

• ERMA (Eagle Rock Multi Age Program) — 74

• PARADE Home School Program — 135

• Tolt Middle School — 676

• Cedarcrest High School — 881

• CLIP High School Program — 19

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