Woodinville woman charged with animal cruelty

  • Written by Don Mann
Longtime Woodinville resident Christy Diemond has been charged with two counts of Animal Cruelty in the First Degree, a class C felony.

The charges allege Diemond starved and dehydrated two horses she’s owned for about 16 years. The horses, named Brandy and Bud, are over 30 years old.

Diemond will be arraigned in King County Superior Court on June 23, King County Prosecutors spokesman Dan Donahoe said.

According to a detective’s report filed with the court, the King County Sheriff’s Office was contacted by an advocacy called Hope for Horses on February 26 and asked to check on the animals’ welfare. A sheriff found both horses grossly underweight and shivering in the cold with no accessible food or water. One of the horses had an open sore that was later determined to be infected.

According to the report, Diemond told the sheriff that her personal circumstances hindered her ability to care for the animals and that she’d been trying to find someone to take them off her hands.

She told the sheriff she had lost her job, filed for bankruptcy and had her mother living with her after suffering a stroke.

When asked why she fed them so little, Diemond said she was told not to feed them too much or they would get sick.

The sheriff asked about their water source and Diemond said they get water from their liquid feed mix.

An Animal Control agent was alerted and went to the residence when Diemond was not home.

The agent spoke with the mother’s caretaker who also helps with the horses. The caretaker told the agent Diemond buys one bale of hay at a time because she does not have a vehicle to haul more than that.

The caretaker said she noticed the horses getting thinner, adding that Diemond has a habit of diagnosing things herself rather than consulting a veterinarian.

According to the report, after gaining permission to look at the horses the agent could see the outline of a shoulder protruding from under the blanket of the horse named Bud.

Feeling under the blanket, the agent noted there was nothing more than skin stretched over his ribs and shoulders.

The caretaker told the agent the other horse was in worse shape, but Brandy wouldn’t let the agent get close to her.

Later, a doctor met the agent at the Diemond property to evaluate the horses.

They were unable to capture the horses until Diemond brought them their evening meal.

According to the report, Brandy was so thirsty she drank an entire bucket of water and wanted more. Both horses were surrendered by Diemond and transported to a care facility.

Medical evaluations found that Bud, 33, had never been vaccinated or had his teeth filed, which caused significant pain during eating.

He was emaciated, suffering from starvation, and had not been groomed for a considerable amount of time.

Brandy, 37, was emaciated, suffering from starvation, her coat crusted with dirt and debris with an infected open wound and another laceration that had not received treatment.

As of April 23 the horses had gained enough weight to be moved into foster care and doctors believe both will be fully recovered.

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