Police Beat - June 3, 2013

  • Written by from City of Woodinville Police Reports

In what is no doubt a manifestation of enthusiasm for the new Sofia Coppola movie, local thieves have shown themselves ready to step their game up in the cool department last week. In one incident, a man entered a Woodinville store to ask about a specific brand of sunglasses; this particular article was soon discovered to be missing once the curious man left the store. Another retailer was divested of an iPad by a clever lady while store employees assisted other customers. Slackers, however, demonstrated no need for bling as shown by two hooligans who made off with a hacky sack from yet another store; the low-fi duo fled on skateboards. “Dude,” quoth Johnny Utah.

Alcohol figured large in two recent incidents. One took place at a Woodinville watering hole, where an “intoxicated patron” engaged in conflict and attempted to leave the scene, but not before striking another vehicle in the parking lot. The miscreant was located and processed for suspicion of DUI. Elsewhere in time and place, an intoxicated woman brandished a weapon after getting into a fight; brave onlookers disarmed her before police arrived. She was transported to the Graybar Hotel, a well-known bed and breakfast famed for its Spartan accommodations.

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