Police Beat - August 26, 2013

  • Written by Compiled from Woodinville Police Reports


It appears not everyone has the borderline OCD tendency to go back and double check that they have really and truly locked cars they have left in public parking lots. Hence, the consequences of failure to "secure" one’s vehicle — i.e., lock it — continue to plague Woodinville residents and visitors. In one case, where the victims’ cars showed "no signs of forced entry," creating the possibility of a failure to secure, among the missing items were a cell phone, USB charger, a key and a knife. Another vehicle, definitively unsecured, was ransacked, but nothing was missing, despite damage to the glove box.


Woodinville Police officers this week "stopped the driver of a vehicle that showed signs of intoxication." Strangely, it was the driver who was processed for driving under the influence rather than the miscreant vehicle with the audacity to go about in its inebriated state. One presumes, nevertheless, the human will be able to pin the blame on his ride, at least if his defense attorney is worth his salt. Cars these days!

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