Eight inducted to Northshore School District Wall of Honor

  • Written by Derek Johnson, Staff Writer

Wall of HonorPhoto courtesy of Northshore School District. Eight Northshore School District alumni, former staff or board members were inducted to the Northshore School District Wall of Honor for 2013 and recognized at a special ceremony Aug. 15, at Pop Keeney Stadium.Pretty soon it was time to go on.

Former Woodinville standout Marques Tuiasosopo stepped forward with seven others and the festivities began.

It was the 4th annual Northshore School District Wall of Honor ceremony held at Pop Keeney Stadium.

It served to recognize alumni, personnel and volunteers who’ve made significant contributions to our community, nation or world.

"It was a very nice ceremony," Tuiasosopo said. "It was very humbling to be inducted with the other men and women representing their families or receiving their awards. It’s a neat deal because usually for me a ceremony has to do with athletics. But this really had nothing to do with athletics. The fact that this had to do with what you’ve done off the field is really neat.

"When you put others first and try to help people out regardless of whatever you’re doing ... man, you can have a big impact on people."

The idea for the Wall of Honor was brainstormed in the backyard of Bothell alum George Selg, class of 1963.

Chatting with fellow alum Al Strand, they got inspired.

"We started talking about alumni who had gone out and done inspirational things in life," Selg said. "We realized there was a long list of people (from the Northshore School District) who have contributed to make a better community, state, nation or world."

Selg and Strand combined forces with Superintendent Larry Francois, and the trio formed the executive board that brought the idea to fruition. 

"We’re not only honoring the people that have done these things," Selg said, "but we’re trying to get their stories out to the community. The wall itself is down at Pop Keeney (Stadium), and as far as we know it’ll be up forever."

In talking about Tuiasosopo, Selg spoke warmly. 

"Marques is on the wall not because of his sports accomplishments, but because he has always been a mentor to students around him to do their best in sports or otherwise," he said. "He had this legacy of reaching out and trying to impact kids. He did that all the way through his pro career."

Tuiasosopo felt humbled.

"It was neat to hear other’s stories because some of these guys are doing big things," Tuiasosopo said. "I felt like, shoot, what I was doing in high school and college wasn’t to that level. But it goes to show that it doesn’t matter. If you’re helping one person or if you’re helping many, when you help people that can’t help themselves or need help, it’s an awesome deal. But you usually don’t do it for recognition, you know?

"It was just neat to see that regardless of how other people perceive them to be, (the inductees) are just nice, humble and in some cases God-fearing people.

"It doesn’t matter who you are to help people out. You don’t have to be a superstar or have a lot of money. You just have to have a heart and desire, and with hard work you can accomplish anything. It was kind of neat to be around them."

The 2013 Inductees were:

Robert A. Bruzas, BHS, 1961, deceased. (Educator, Advocate for Challenged Students, Coached Gymnastics)

James P. Egawa, BHS, 1958, deceased. (Educator, Advocate for Native American Culture and Education)

Dwight "Dee" Hawkes, NSD, 18 years. (Promoted Personal Growth and Self-Image Through Education)

Lynda W. Humphrey, BHS, 1963. (Educator, Women’s Advocate, Humanitarian Programs in Mexico)

Paul E. Mathews, BHS, 1965. (Renowned Leader for Ecological Design of Mountain Resorts)

Jack Nicholl, BHS, 1931, deceased. (Community Leader, Education Activist, School Board Member)

Dr. Jeffrey Tomlin, BHS, 1972. (Hospital/Medical Administrator, Youth Activist, Military Leader)

Marques Tuiasosopo, WHS, 1997. (Community/Youth Activist, Role Model, Inspirational Sports Leader)

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