Alaska trip gives team a chance to bond

Falcons on glacierPhoto by Wayne Maxwell Members of the Woodinville football team stand on the Matanuska Glacier two hours north of Palmer.Earlier this year, Woodinville running back Alek Kacmarcik was asked his thoughts on playing the season opener in Alaska. "You always think it would be so fun to go to Texas or even Idaho or Montana," he said. "This opportunity to go to Alaska is pretty cool. It’s not a place many people go. It will be a real tough challenge playing a real good team up there. But I think we’ll be ready for it."

As demonstrated last Friday night, Falcon football was ready for the task. The 42-7 win over the Palmer Moose was a display of domination in every facet of the game.

But also of value were the sightseeing opportunities afforded by the trip.

Plans for the two day trip featured various excursions including a dinner with the Palmer players and coaches. 

As the team returned home Saturday night, Kacmarcik reflected on the extracurricular events. 

"The sightseeing was amazing," he said. "We went to a reindeer farm the first day. We got to kiss a moose, even coach Maxwell (kissed one)!

We also saw a glacier and some musk ox. Alaska is a beautiful place — I would love to spend some more time up there."

Woodinville running back Wyatt Smith also had pleasant memories.

"My favorite part of the trip was hiking up the glacier with my team," he said. "It was very beautiful up there, and was a great bonding experience for our team.

"And the biggest surprise for me on this trip was how much closer we have come as a team," Smith added. "Spending a couple days doing some really fun activities and coming off a win like that with my brothers and coaches is really what made this trip special for me.

"We have come a long way since our first summer workout to our first win of the season. Overall, it was a great experience."

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