How to handle student-teacher conflicts for the benefit of your child’s education

  • Written by BPT

Conflict and disagreements are a part of life. As an adult you understand this and you employ skills that help you mitigate conflicts and avoid future disagreements. Your children, however, may not have developed these skills yet. That means they will rely on you for help in dealing with these situations. Your help is especially important when the disagreement involves your child’s teacher. Approaching this situation in the proper way is important. It provides a good example for your children and sets them up for a successful learning experience the rest of the school year.

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Local music stores help kids start band and orchestra

  • Written by Briana Gerdeman

Last week marked the first week of band and orchestra classes for a new crop of young musicians in the Northshore School District — an event that might leave parents wondering how to obtain instruments for their children and, more importantly, how much it’s going to cost.

Local music stores recommend renting a child’s first instrument.

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How to make your kid the next sports super star!

  • Written by by Jimmy McCurry Progressive Performance

Statistics show that 43 percent of parents think their kids are capable of being professional athletes.

In reality that is very far from what is actually possible. Statistics from state that only 7 percent of high school athletes in the U.S. actually make it to college-level sports. Before that, 70 percent of all kids in the U.S. drop out of sports before age 13. Even if your child makes it to the college level, 25 percent of those athletes quit sports while in college. The main reasons for dropping out of sports are burnout, overuse injuries or too much parental pressure. So how do we change this?

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Librarians: unsung heroes of the digital age

  • Written by BPT

There has been a substantial increase in students taking online college courses, changing significantly how modern learners access information, and librarians have adjusted to keep pace with an ever increasing demand for knowledge in the digital age.

Recent data on college attendance show that, through the fall of 2012, 7.1 million students, or about one-third of all enrolled students, were taking at least one course online. Sixty-three percent of chief academic officers at the nation’s colleges and universities believe it very likely that within five years the majority of students will be taking at least one course online, according to a survey conducted in 2013 by Babson Research.

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Northshore honors students’ achievements

  • Written by Emily Hamann, Contributing Writer

The weather is still beautiful, the leaves are still green, but summer is coming to an end regardless. In just a week, students in Northshore School District will go back to class. But the school’s academic calendar will be more than school holidays and events; each month will feature a student who in some way inspires others. Leanna Albrecht, the director of communications for NSD, asked for nominations of students who did exceptional work. “It’s not just about a test score,” she said. “It’s not just about how they did on the sports field.”  

These are some of the NSD students whose experiences and hard work have inspired others.

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